Newby's Sweetcorn Market.
Westfield, IN
Providing Fresh Vegetables for over 60 years 

From a Phoenix Transplant

From one of our long time customers. She writes "I have been buying Newby's Sweetcorn since I was married and moved here from Phoenix. This corn should come with a warning label it's so good!"
From a Family Member

From one of the distant family members of Newby.He writes, "This corn is so good it will cause your tongue to slap your jaws silly"
A more distraught customer!

I couldn't stop eating Newby's corn. Now I have fallen and I can't get up!
Well, your hearing it here from people who have actually tasted Newby's Corn. We don't mean any harm, but if your going to be harmed, why not do it eating Newby's Fresh Sweetcorn! We know you will be back time and time and time again.
H.E. Newby
Mystery Guest