Newby's Sweetcorn Market.
Westfield, IN
Providing Fresh Vegetables for over 60 years 

Question: Why is Newby's Corn so much different from other Sweetcorn?
Answer: Freshness. Newby's pride is in fresh corn. Starting at daylight, and picking through the day means fresh sweetcorn. 

Question: Why is freshness so important?
Answer: Because once Sweetcorn is pulled from the corn stalk, it begins to turn to starch. Little by little it is hardening and putting it's efforts toward survival. It takes several days for it to harden and turn to starch. The fresher the corn, the sweeter the taste.

Question; Is there a family secret to your great tasting corn?
Answer: Yes.
When this car was new, Richard Newby was selling Tomatoes at the end of the driveway on highway 32. Cars would come to a screeching halt to purchase a peck basket of Newby's Fresh Tomatoes. Why did Newby think he would be successful selling Tomatoes? He didn't. He was just looking for enough money for him and his buddy to go to town to buy an ice cream cone on a hot August day. Pretty soon, the income was more than just an ice cream cone, it turned into money to take his gal on a date.
Richard Newby's Gal !
​Kevin and Gail Newby. Kevin is Third Generation Owners of the Newby Farms. Kevin grew up knowing his Grandfather and was always around Vegetables. Kevin intends to grow the business feeding more Hoosiers than ever before.
It's a dream come true. Third Generation Grower of Fresh Vegetables. Gail and I purchased the Farm June 2013 and since then we have been working hard preparing for this year. We have been anxiously awaiting the days coming of seeing friends, neighbors and making new relationships. It's just about here, July 4th is our Target Date weather permitting. We have fresh Sweetcorn, Tomatoes, Green Beans and other vegetables planted. We have worked hard to bring you a Newby Tradition of the Freshest Vegetables in Indiana. So Welcome to our Farm!
UPDATE!!This was 2013 when we purchased the farm from Dad. A lot has changed over the last few years. Gail and I lived in the house on the farm, then moved out making room for our office for our several companies. The farms growth and horses required we move the office operations making room for Nathan Newby, my nephew, and his family to manage the many different farm operations. I converted the Garage into the Farm Office where we manage farm operations such as retail vegetables, Horse Boarding, Horse Camps, Horse Club, Row Crop Farming, Vegetable Farming on local ground rented from our neighbors. The vegetable Market which has expanded to local Farmers Markets, Restaurant Supply, Carriage and Dinner Rides to downtown Westfield, local rides, birthday parties, weddings, special events and horse back riding trails on the farm. The vast operations required more help and Nate Newby was made a partner in the Farm Operations aspect of the business. God has richly blessed our family and we are thankful to our loyal and great customers. We are not done yet. We are incorporating Farm Education teaching kids to grow gardens, animal education, petting farm, and hands on, dirt under the nails working on the farm. We want to thank you for your continued support3