Newbys Farm Market
Westfield, IN
Providing Fresh Vegetables for over 60 years 

Newby's is best known for it's fresh sweetcorn. Grown on the Farm fields next to the Market, Newby's delivers Freshness.

The Market Visit!
When you visit Newby's Market you are assured of one thing, Fresh Sweetcorn. The corn is picked not just daily, but several times a day to deliver the Freshness you've come to expect. 

Newby's close by!
Need Help? have Questions? Newby's not around? call his cell phone at 317-896-3436

Making the Payment Newby Trust You! Figure your bill, write a check, pay by cash, or leave an IOU if no one is around or after business hours. There is a Steel Box the size of a Milk Crate, drop the payment.

Stop by and see why shopping at Newby's is a Home Town Experience that has been going on now for over 60 years.

From the words of Ernest Newby

Thanks a Million!
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2017 Vegetable Season!

Gail and Kevin Newby
I want to invite all of our past customers and those to come to see us in July. I will do my very best to keep the tradition alive bringing the freshest home grown vegetables to Indiana Hoosiers. To our customers who have moved away returning to visit family, I will do my best to have fresh Sweetcorn available when you return. In the words of my Grandpa Newby, Thanks a Million!
Newbys Mechanical Picker
Carriage rides. Please visit the Tab for carriages.
​OPEN!! May 1st. Newbys is joining the retail market and bringing you Fresh Produce from trusted and reliable farms from the south east. We have trusted Farmers from different states that have proven themselves worthy of the Newby Market Outlet. With a trusted partner, we buy fresh vegetables you wont buy from in the local stores. They are hand selected and carefully placed on our market enabling us to bring fresh produce from May through at least the end of October.